People Counting Solution

Footfall data with high accuracy to justify your decision making

Rich product line to meet your multi applications based on behavior analytics

Cloud based big data platform to guarantee management strategies

Unicross has been providing the leading people counting solution in the industry with high accuracy and excellent management service.  Unicross applies world leading sensors built upon innovative technologies to collect multi-dimensional traffic data and in-depth consumer behavioral data, and its customized reporting system and reliable cloud service have proven to be effective tools for customers to track consumer in-store journey and build up intelligent operation management.


We apply the world leading sensors with proven high accuracy in current market, which can capture the traffic data of all the visitors at an average accuracy rate of 95%+ even under heavy traffic flow.


Our devices can be integrated with customer's existing system to improve operation management and maximize the overall revenue.

Multi-functional customized reporting system

Reports can be customized to meet customer's requests, such as adding weather information, integrating with ERP, CRM, POS systems, etc., as well as integrating with mobile applications to link to customer's website and cell phone apps.


People counting is one of the important measurements to realize intelligent retail, which helps stores to monitor and analyze in-store traffic flow, conversion rate and increase store performance.  Furthermore, Unicross' advanced people counting solution can collect the full consumer in-store journey data while protecting consumer privacy, which will help retail brands collect in-depth behavioral data based on which to improve store operating and the overall performance.

Unicross delivers one-stop service from system design and set-up, installation and maintenance, to integration with BI and ERP system, which is applicable to any entrance designs.  Unicross people counting solutions have been widely used in cosmetics stores and luxury stores located in 250 major cities worldwide.

Commercial Real Estate

Traffic data is one of the most important indicators for mall or store's KPI assessment as well as a crucial leverage in business negotiation, which helps the management to analyze shopper's behavior, monitor traffic flow and sales conversion rate, so as to optimize property operation, improve data platform management and maximize property KPI.

Unicross people counting solutions are among the top-tiered , with proven record in footfall traffic analysis for  hundreds of  commercial real estate projects in China.

Tourism Real Estate and Public Area

Tourism real estate is an important part of the Smart City Project to guarantee public security.  Traffic data effectively helps to take proactive measures to re-direct visitors in case of heavy traffic flow and enhance on-site security.  Unicross has been an active supporter of the Smart City Project of Shanghai Municipality and has successfully implemented people counting solutions at many tourist sites in China.