In-Store Wifi

Provide secure, reliable, convenient wireless network to meet different internet access needs

Based on related compliance requirements by the Ministry of Public Security (such as No. 82 Statute) on data docking and gateway security

Creation of shopper's virtual image based on data legally acquired from big data cloud platform

Unicross in-store WIFI solution can meet multi customer’s requirements through in-store WIFI devices, including intranet needs (such as corporate intranet transmission line VPN), instore shopper's internet access demand (internet connection), the real name system compliance requirements by the public security supervision departments for public area network service, capture of in-store traffic data and shopper’s virtual portrait, etc.  This solution also enables shopper’s behavior analysis through WIFI detection even without internet connection.


With industry leading calculation method, Unicross solution can detect and verify real MAX address quickly and accurately, regardless of the current situation that iOS or Anroid system no longer transmits real MAC address.Unicross adopts HotSpot 2.0 protocol to provide secured internet access to the customers, guaranty safe and reliable data transmission and lower public wireless network risk.

Legal Compliance

Through all kinds of compliance testing by the Ministry of Public Security and in accordance with the related laws and regulations of various local network security administrations, Unicross solution is docking with the central platform of the municipal public security bureaus/offices and uploads real-time data to the public security platforms in different cities.

Substantial Reporting System

Based on the database of more than 0.4 billion customers, together with the validation and matching of the data captured in real practice, Unicross solution can quickly verify and draw customer’s virtual image and catch customer data legally, which can be further translated into various reports.